2026 United State Republican Senator

Where I Stand


As Americans, we pay too much in taxes because our government is huge and spending money like it's going out of style. One of my goals as United States Senator is to lower taxes for the average American and balance out the budget.

Government Size

We employee too many people to do the same job as our government standard. My goal as United States Senator is to dwindle down how many employees are working for senators, congressmen and women and increase their accountability.

Gun Control

We as Americans, have the constitutional right to bear arms, as per the second amendment. That's how important it was to this nation’s founding members, we need to now take it to the next step by adding accountability and verification of every gun bought and sold.

Small Businesses

Our government/SBA needs to do a better job along with Congress in taking care of the entrepreneur that is risking it all to take that next difficult step of business ownership.

Mike Ruoho

My name is Mike Ruoho, I was born in the State of Minnesota in 1986. My siblings and I were raised by my single mother. Watching my mother provide for our family taught me an important lesson in hard work and determination. I attended Roseville Area High School, Tartan Titan High School in Minnesota and I attend Dunwoody College of Technology where I majored in Automotive Repair and minored in Business. 

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