A few words about me

About Me

My name is Mike Ruoho, I was born in the State of Minnesota in 1987. My siblings and I were raised by my single mother. Watching my mother provide for our family taught me an important lesson in hard work and determination. I attended Roseville Area High School, Tartan Titan High School in Minnesota and I attend Dunwoody College of Technology where I majored in Automotive Repair and minored in Business.

Thanks to my mother’s guidance, example and tenacity, I was able to fulfill my dreams of becoming a business owner. I have a 2 month old son named Michael who I hope one day will follow in my footsteps.

My background is in Customer Service and Restaurant Management. Before owning my own restaurants, I trained employees and managed restaurants while maintaining exceptional guest services. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the best managers and team members in the industry. My experience in these industries has given me an honest work ethic and the drive to achieve a successful career.

I opened my first restaurant in Woodbury Minnesota in 2018. Opening this restaurant with other owners and managers allowed me to form relationships and to grow both mentally and emotionally. Opening this restaurant was one of my greatest achievements because it was the first step in my journey to entrepreneurship and the building of my career in management of 6restaurants and brand ownership.

Over the past 4 years, I witnessed the flourishing and suffering of my restaurants. During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I saw the restaurant suffer like many small businesses suffered throughout the nation. Working 80+ hours a week, I saw the decline in sales, loss of jobs and loss of patronage for several months. Like many Americans, I've experienced firsthand the failure of the federal government to aid the industries that keep America alive. The government's failure to organize and to quickly and properly fund those in need, lack of support and communication during a once in a generation pandemic demonstrated the need for new

I knew that the government’s slow and neglectful response to the pandemic merited significant change in leadership and legislation. Change must come from the White House. Change must support Americans first, and support American Small Business owners first. Realizing that America needs real change, I have decided to run fo Senator. I am running for Small Business Owners, who struggled to keep their doors open, to
assist low income families and mothers who worry about feeding their families and children on a day to day basis. I am running to fight for Women’s Right to Choose, relieve the excessive tax burned on Middle Class America, lower taxes on Small businesses, support reasonable and safe gun control legislation, eliminate registration loopholes in gun sales to secure our communities and families. I will secure our border, Reform our Immigration Process so it may be navigated with due diligence. I will limit government spending, advocate for smaller government,
lower our national debt, setting us on a path to net positive deficits.

I know that the skills, values and experiences instilled in me by my family, my mother, an career will allow me to achieve these goals. I will strive to reach bi-partisan legislation, bridge the gap between the aisle, and trust in my team to lead America to a prosperous future. I am Mike Ruoho and I am running for Senator.

Vote Ruoho for Senator 2026.