My Positions on the Issues


As Americans, we pay too much in taxes because our government is huge and spending money like it's going out of style. One of my goals as Senator is to lower taxes for the average American and balance out the budget, the top 1% are paying and the top 1% of the 1% are all paying their fair share of taxes. Our tax dollars are what pay our government bills and government employee payroll, so for someone like our Former President Donald Trump to not pay taxes in over 10 years is not only unjust but un-American. We need to balance our budget, as an entrepreneur and restaurateur I believe with the right people and the right plan, we can get rid of this American deficit/nation debt down and over the next 10 years of following this plan, America will be debt-free.

Government Size and Debt

I believe there is redundancy in our federal government. So many agencies cover the same jurisdiction and show very little results. Staff positions for all branches of government that are no longer necessary are still in place today. I want to end the redundancy by making our federal government smaller and eliminating positions that do not make any sense. These measures will lower our government debt. I will also increase congressional offices, at the district level, and provide more resources so that constituents, especially veterans, can receive the help they need. I also want to train government employees who are employed in administering and regulating policies to better understand the law and have adequate training in interpreting the law so that the government does not harass or mistreat Americans.

Gun Rights

I fully believe and support the 2nd amendment. A safe America is an armed America. I have said that on many occasions that I plan to carry my firearm while in office at the US Senate Building. I also believe that gun control legislation is necessary for the safety of children and the average American. For years both democrats and republicans have done patchwork regarding gun control. I believe that allowing Americans to purchase firearms and holding them accountable for their actions is necessary. I will implement a new registration system with both gun owners and manufacturers. Creating a VIN type number on every firearm that links back to the current owner and all owners of that particular firearm. Implementing a registration system similar to the vehicle registration with the exception of yearly tax, that issues an owner title form that must be filled out and submitted to the government after every exchange. Gun shows must have registration ready for every weapon sold, just like when you buy a car. I also plan to implement a national database for weapons using this new VIN system, Universal background check and red flag laws that must be performed even at gun shows. I will also be fighting for the banned sale of what is referred to as “Ghost Guns” which children as young as 12 can get their hands on.

Small Businesses

I believe that anyone who wants to build a business should have the appropriate resources to do so. I support small business owners and prospective owners and my administration will continue to support them by expanding and lowering the Small Business Administration requirements for loans and grants. The SBA’s current requirements are unreasonable and hinder the backbone of America, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs. The SBA was created to assist the small business owners and I plan on upholding that purpose, I plan on eliminating requirements based on how long the business has been in operation, widening the unreasonable income and profit threshold, and requiring banks to expand the requirements needed for small business loans. I will also require that all manufacturers in the United States headquartered or registered as a business in the United States, to obtain 75% of their material from US-based companies. This will allow small and mid-sized companies to grow and employ more workers while also strengthening the American Economy. Both Republicans and Democrats have used small businesses as an object to win votes but obstruct owners from success, I will only support those who put the American people and businesses first. It is extremely unfair that the same person at age 20 can take out a 100,000 dollar student loan, but can not take out a 10,000 business loan, I will fight to change that so all Americans who want to own their own business can have that opportunity.


In the last two years under Democrat Presidency we have seen our economy shrink 5%. Our GDP went down, gas prices at record levels, food shelves are empty, supply chains are struggling and a baby formula shortage was created by halting production with no plan on restocking shelves.

As Senator, I will focus on Minnesota first, not Minnesota second. We need to invest in our domestic growth, border security, small businesses, energy independence and most importantly education. In each of the areas, Americans have noticed the price increase on school supplies, food, diapers, and interest rates.

Our current President wants you to believe that writing checks to Americans is a good thing, increasing unemployment benefits and printing money would be a fix-all. Unfortunately, that is not how a prosperous economy works. My vow as Senator is to invest in small businesses, make our government smaller, stop reckless and negligent spending. We need to open up supply chains at the Sea Ports, and Border Crossings and ensure each American has access to products on a day to day basis and keep supply and demand in check so we don't have soaring prices on products and/or price gouging.

I vow to bridge the gap across the aisle in Congress to bring America first policies and secure a prosperous future for all Americans.

Criminal Justice and Police Reform

I believe that we need the police to help secure our neighborhoods, streets and local communities. Law enforcement is an essential part of our society. It is no secret that we need police reform. We need to increase police training especially in areas such as community policing, deescalating, mental health, citizen contact, active shooters, interpretation of law and procedures, due process and proactive policing. We must hold law enforcement officers accountable for their actions, and narrow qualified immunity. We must hold Law Enforcement to a higher standard because we are entrusting our lives and our children to those who have chosen to protect us.


Our education system has been declining over the past decade with the elimination of funding to essential programs such as Art, Gyms and Music is not helping. If we continue to cut education programs, we as a country will be compromising our nation’s future and the future of our children.

We have asked far more from our teachers than we have ever in the past without proper compensation and a healthy work environment. Investing in our education system is investing in our future. We must increase funding while also attaining accountability for how that money is spent. With the goals of reduce class size, offering a curriculum that is tailored to every style of learning and teaching and offer hybrid learning methods.

Lastly, we must amend the curriculum to include essential courses that will give our students the opportunity to succeed in life, courses that target from a young age, life skills, financial responsibility and accountability and REMOVING of CRT (Critical Race Theory) from our teachings. Investing in our education system is investing in our future.

Energy Independence

In America, we have the resources to be a top energy world power. America needs to stop supporting dictatorships and authoritarian regimes throughout the acquisition of energy sources.

The money we spend in foreign energy sources supports evil leaders like Putin and Maduro. We can do better by revolutionizing our own energy infrastructure so we may become Energy Independent so we can put America first. This would allow us to lower gas prices, keep better control of costs with supply lines as we will be producing our own energy, and allow us to rebuild our national reserves at a lower cost to the American taxpayer. I vow to open up leasing for offshore drilling and drilling on government land. Partnering with Native Nations to ensure a safe and secure pipeline through native lands. Reopening the XL Keystone Pipeline will provide Americans with a safer and more secure energy source.

The last cornerstone is shifting the United States' energy from coal and other fossil fuels, to more efficient forms of energy such as Solar, Wind, and Nuclear. I have a plan to introduce the largest solar panel grid ever built, alongside wind farms in the Midwest. America will capitalize on renewable green energy with lower costs. Working with the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to ensure safe usage with the most updated technology in building nuclear power plants.

Women’s Rights

Unlike many Republicans, I believe that the government should not interfere with a woman’s reproductive rights. The government should not dictate when, how or if a woman can take control of her own reproductive health. I plan to support legislation that protects a woman’s right to choose, Protects Roe v. Wade, and expands access to women’s healthcare centers. I will support or introduce legislation to protect abortion access that does not rely on court opinions. I believe that religious and personal opinions should not be factors in legislation regarding healthcare.

America First Policies

I believe that America and Americans should come first. I witnessed how the federal government reluctantly gave financial assistance to Americans and American businesses. I promise to support policies that benefit Americans, especially in Labor, and Education. I will also limit foreign intervention when it comes to funding wars in other nations so that Americans may benefit from programs that will advance American Communities.

Removal of Trading for Members of Congress

Members of Congress and their families should not have the ability to trade, buy or sell stocks while in office. My administration will push for legislation and the creation of an agency that will remove and police members of congress investments while in office. Congress Members must sell or freeze all of their stock and investments before taking office to ensure that our representatives are not bought by corporations.

American Green Transition

America must diversify our energy needs by limiting fossil fuel usage and expanding into renewable energies such as solar, wind, and nuclear power. Limiting fossil fuel consumption and investing in renewable energies will allow us to transition away from fossil fuels and into a Green America. Below I have outlined how we can transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy with my American Green Transition plan:

Phase 1 – We will need to invest in American infrastructure for the storage and collection of Wind, Solar, and Water. We will need large farms and swaths of capacitors to hold this energy while building a grid to distribute this. Alongside these, we will use our latest technologies in the usage of Nuclear as well as using nuclear waste/by-products to fuel American energy needs.

Phase 2 – In the states with the most sunshine, like southern Utah, Northern Arizona, and Northeastern Nevada. I would propose to Congress to build large thousands of acres of Solar panels, facing in certain directions to be able to capture the most sunlight throughout the day. Underground we will build the storage
areas for the power, which will be transferred to substations across the nation, and then distributed to local homes and businesses. In the Midwest along the Great Plains and highways 70 and 80 to follow where the jet stream across America is most often collecting the most amount of airflow that we can get using the latest technology in wind farms. Building power substations to send this power to, then to be sent into the power grid. In the great lakes, we use buoy systems to collect power from water in the natural waves. We then transfer that power to local substations to be sent into the power grid.

Phase 3 – Nuclear plants and substation plants. We will invest in safer technology for use of Nuclear Power and the building of 7 new nuclear power plants across the nation along with 10 substations across the nation to take the energy that has been built up from Wind, Solar, and Water to be distributed evenly across the power grid. With the usage of these other technologies, we will start to see a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and we will use less fossil fuel burning like coal and gas for power, which over the long term will help with the rise of Earth's temperature, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming will help our coastlines in the continental United States, and Alaska and better preserve the island of Hawaii. There is not one avenue of energy usage we should have. We need to use all available resources to collect and use energy in the best way possible to help America, American Citizens lower the cost of usage by using all available
resources. This way we will not strain one resource over another but use all of our resources as natural ways of collecting and distributing power.

We only have one Earth; we should try and take care of it the best we can.